Inspiration for getting your kitchen Christmas ready

The big day is nearly upon us, and to help instil some Christmas cheer into your home, we’ve come up with a few suggestions on how you can decorate your kitchen this Christmas.

Dedicate shelving to a Christmas display

If you have a shelf cluttered with Tupperware or dusty cookbooks, find a cupboard for them to create space for a bright Christmas display. You can use LED stars, tinsel or even Christmas cards to inspire a festive space.

Use candles

Not many things say Christmas like candles, and if positioned safely, they can generate a joyful ambience. LED candles can also create a cheerful mood, but real candles with seasonal scents such as cranberry, cinnamon, and orange infusing kitchens are the pinnacle of Christmas if you want to go one step further.

Have a drinks station

Everyone will love kitchens with a Christmas drinks station, and it doesn’t just need to be for alcohol. Keeping an area accessible for drinks and decorating it with some fairy lights or fake snow will keep people chatting, happy and out of the way of those preparing the food.

Wreaths, mini trees, cards and baubles

Traditional Christmas decorations don’t have just to be used on the tree or in the living room. Wreaths, mini trees, cards and baubles can all find their spot in kitchens at Christmas to immediately bring about increased festive cheer.

Make some edible ornaments

Whether its chocolate baubles filled with cream, stained glass biscuits or a simple mince pie, edible decorations placed around a table will prove a winner with children and adults alike.

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