Five bathroom design trends set to be big in 2022

In a similar vein to kitchens, bathrooms are set to turn toward natural materials, minimalist themes and simple colours in 2022. Below we look at five trends to give your inspiration for your bathroom remodel.

Wood tiles

Well, not made from wood, but tiles that imitate the appearance of natural wood can infuse calm and relaxing warmth to your bathroom. They work equally well on the wall or floor, and even recycled wood, either reclaimed or salvaged, can create a striking effect when used for shelving or countertops.

Curved shapes

People are looking to establish their connection to all things natural and organic again, so in 2022, uncompromising straight lines are out. Curved shapes such as spheres and ovoid’s will be on-trend for baths and sinks in the contemporary bathrooms of 2022.

Natural stone

Similarly to wood tiles, natural stone in the form of environmentally friendly stone slabs or porcelain stoneware can be locally sourced to lessen the impact on the environment. And what’s more, they look sophisticated and spectacular in your bathroom.

Bathroom wallpaper

The quality and depth of bathroom wallpaper design are increasing year on year, and 2022 will be no different. Feature walls with modern 3D designs will bring an element of thrill and daring to bathroom design.

The industrial look

The industrial look will continue to be adopted by the minimalists throughout the following year. Metal and concrete combine well to engender a stark and unique contemporary beauty.

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