Five top kitchen trends in 2022

More than ever, the kitchen continues to play a central role in our lives and with the prospect of a hybrid state of home working becoming a permanent fixture, these five trends for 2022 reflect that theme.

Sectioned kitchens

Finding ways to adapt home life to include a work hybrid arrangement means homeowners with large kitchens might prefer to section them into zones allowing for desks or workstations. Apportioning different areas to definitive activities creates a calmer sense of work/life balance.

Mood lighting

The more time we spend at home, the more necessary it becomes to adjust the lighting. Spotlights and dimmer switches are two ways to help shift from work to home life at the end of the day. To develop areas solely for working, consider using pendant lighting within your sectioned out areas.

Natural, earthy tones

With the environment and sustainable living at the forefront of our minds, earthy greens and natural sapphire blue colour schemes are increasingly popular. They are vivid yet calming colours that provide a cosmopolitan and vibrant look.

Brass finishes

Search engine queries show a strong trend towards brass being a highly sought finish for kitchens in 2022. They combine powerfully with most colours, especially natural greens and blues, and add classic essence to your kitchen’s cabinetry with an emphatic effect.

Classic flooring

Due to the increased foot traffic in our kitchens over the last twelve months, people are looking to combine classic flooring solutions with sturdiness and longevity. Patterned vinyl flooring and flagstone tiles are two flooring materials set to be popular in 2022. Both provide durability with character in plentiful supply and at both ends of the price bracket.

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