Will a bathroom upgrade add value to your property?

Experts agree, a well appointed bathroom upgrade can add significant value to your property.

How much value can be added will depend on the condition and suitability of your existing facilities and to what extent (if any) they fall short of reasonable buyer expectation. Local Estate Agents are usually very helpful in this regard.

Key considerations:

  • Are existing facilities adequate for the size of your property? i.e. A single bath and toilet might be considered inadequate for 3 bedrooms.
  • Are you making the most of your available space? There are many excellent design options for maximising space and adding extra convenience and features. i.e. move the boiler into the loft to make room for a smart new shower, en-suite or a additional toilet.
  • Does your bathroom compliment the rest of the property? A design upgrade could transform your bathroom into a light and airy (mould free) space, with a bit of “wow”.

Unlock the true value in your home and enjoy the enhanced lifestyle that comes with a beautiful designer bathroom upgrade. Give us a call. We are passionate about beautiful bathrooms and our experienced designers are always on hand to discuss your ideas and to offer free professional advice.